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1. Always There 
2.  Piper  
3.  Whip Appeal  
4.  This is the Life 
5.  Hey Joe 
6.  Going in Circles 
7.  Lets Wait 
8.  Anytime 
9.  Corbin 
10. Drastic Measures


Tim Cunningham's, "Inner Peace" is a collection of Tim's favorite songs to perform. There are seven live tracks on the CD and three studio recordings which includes a song dedicated to Tim's second child, Piper. Also from the studio are "Hey Joe" written by Gary Perez and Tim Cunningham along with "Lets Wait" written by Jeremiah Allen and Tim Cunningham. Five of the live recordings were recorded at "The Elkhart Jazz Festival" in June of 2003 and the other two live tracks were recorded at Tim's concert at "The Pageant" in February of 2004.